For the second time, I have given my self a challenge: visit 50 museums in 50 weeks, less than a year, this time in Europe. Why? I love museums and I am interested in working in a cultural institution. I am in Europe for one year, so I am visiting as many museums as I can.

I will generally write about one exhibit at each museum, but I may also write about some things on permanent display.

As a technologist, I will be looking for a tech angle, either in the exhibition (kiosks, associated websites, etc.) or in the content of the exhibitions (digital art, exhibits about technology, etc).


I am a long-time New Yorker, and even longer time technologist. I was a programmer for many years, before becoming a technical manager. I was a Technical Director at R/GA, a top digital agency in New York, but recently I have moved back into development, creating websites, an iPad app, and a browser-based installation with a startup called Hexagram, and working on the website for littleBits.cc, a company that sells easy-to-use electronic building blocks for kid and adult makers and inventors.

In 2014/2015, I created a blog 50museums.com, where I wrote about 50 museums I visited, mostly in New York City. In 2016, when I had the opportunity to take a year-long trip to Europe (my wife was on sabbatical from her teaching job), I decided to create this blog as a sequel.


Oh, and my name is Tom Freudenheim,you can contact me at info@tomfreudenheim.com.

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